As a private equity arm backed by Mitsui & Co., we, at MCPI follow Mitsui’s slogan "Challenges and Creation" and are engaged in the investment business.

1. Create corporate value by leveraging Mitsui & Co.’s networks

For more than 130 years, Mitsui & Co. contributed to the economic development of countries of the world by facilitating a wide variety of transactions between Japan and the rest of the world ranging from export to import to intermediate trade. MCPI helps a company in which it makes an equity investment enhance its corporate value by leveraging the tangible and intangible business assets, expertise, and knowledge of Mitsui & Co. nurtured over the years.

2. Achieve operational improvement by providing full-time hands-on support

Through the discussion with the management and the owner, MCPI identifies the business need of the company and help the company implement such measures as expansion and reforms of its business model, strengthening of its organization, and overseas market development (including M&A), providing hands-on support by our optimal professionals.

3. Flexible investment styles according to the specific needs and conditions of each company

MCPI is able to respond flexibly to the needs of the portfolio companies with investments funded solely by Mitsui & Co.. Flexible investments include various types of investment methods and equity shares, such as minority investment and mezzanine investment (e.g. convertible bonds).

Investment Policy

We flexibly propose investment structures, holding periods, and other relevant schemes according to the needs of our portfolio companies. 

Investment Types

Business succession, carve-outs, IPO support, PIPEs, delisting/MBOs, etc.

Investment Structure

Flexible approach, from minority to majority (consideration also given to mezzanine investment, including preferred shares and convertible bonds)

Holding Period

Flexible approach according to the needs of management and owners

Hands-on Support

Providing hands-on support by our optimal professionals according to the needs of our portfolio company

Operational Support

We endeavor to maximize corporate value by making full use of the networks of Mitsui & Co. while providing support in the areas of operation, human resources, and finance.

Our Operational Improvement Expertise

Top-line growth

  • Deeper development of existing business
  • Commercialization of new business
  • Overseas expansion, business reinforcement
  • Proposals/implementation of M&A

Cost reduction

  • Procurement cost reduction
  • Productivity improvement
  • Review of logistics structures
  • Liquidation of unprofitable operations

Reinforcement of management/governance

  • Facilitation of self-driven reforms
    (e.g., establishment of reform PMO)
  • Strengthening of the operational base
  • Reinforcement of compliance structures
  • Nurturing of next-generation human resources